A casual restaurant featuring high ceilings and impressive views of an outer rim of a crater.

Breakfast: ¥2,700~
Dinner: ¥5,800~

Location: 3rd floor (Lobby floor)

Opening Hours
Breakfast 7:00A.M.~10:00A.M.(L.O.9:30A.M.)
Tea time  1:00P.M.~4:00P.M.(L.O.3:30P.M.)
Dinner 5:30P.M.~8:30P.M.(L.O.8:00P.M.)
Bar time 9:00P.M.~11:00P.M.(L.O.10:30P.M.)



Egg dishes :omelet、sunny side egg etc.
Salad bar
Japanese food :Nikujaga, grilled salmon, grilled mackerel with salt, Japanese omelet、Natto etc.
Western food :bacon, sausage, French fries, steamed vegetable etc.
Rice, bread, rice porridge, serial
Fruits, yogurt,
Drink : juice, smoothie, coffee, tea etc.


Roast beef
Salad bar
Appetizer : dry cured ham, smoked salmon, Mushroom quiche etc.
Japanese food : Sushi, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Pork cutlet etc.
Western food : duffinoah potato, hashed beef, souted sea bream, garlic shrimp etc.
Rice, bread, Japanese noodles
Dessert : seasonal cakes and fruits
Drink : Coffee, Tea etc.

*The menu contents can vary according to supplying situation.


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