Plat du Jour Main Dining Room


Enjoy a full course meal in our Main Dining Room under a relaxing atmosphere.

Dinner: ¥9,000~

Location:4th floor

Opening Hours


【T-bone steak course】 ¥10,000
This is the course you can taste two types of steak.

Caesar salad of romaine lettuce
Vegetable broth soup
T-bone steak 400g
Three type source:mustard, Japanese soy source, tomato BBQ sauce
Ice cream

This course has the dishes in a combination of Japanese and Western-styles.

Resotto croquette of sea bream, crab blue jelly, steamed egg custard and green tea tuile
Croute of scallop with shrimp containing soy milk
Japanese clear soup
SASHIMI platter
Grilled beef sirloin with herbs Madera source.
Rice, Japanese soup, Pickles
Mousse of fromage blanc with raspberry source

【Plat du jour】¥12,000
This is the full-course dinner making from seasonal foods selected by the chief cook.

Small appetizer
Marinade of red rice prawn and scallop with asparagus
Cold consomme soup and vichyssoise
Steam of red snapper wrapped in souffle of Sencha –
and Saikyou miso cream sauce of Yuzu“Colors of tea plantation”
Sauteed Japanese beef filet with sauce of red wine in Bordeaux
Mango soup and coconuts mousse

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