Swimming pool

Free for guests! Kamakra Prince Hotel’s Summer Only Outdoor Pool & Jacuzzi

<Dates of Operation>
July 7th, 2018 (Sat) – September 17th (Mon)

<Operating Schedule>

  • July 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • August 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • September 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


  • Guests: Free
  • Visitors: Adults ¥6,000, elementary school students ¥2,000, preschool children: Free
    * Between August 11th, 2018 (Sat) and August 19th (Sun) prices are as follows.
    Adults: ¥8,000, elementary school students: ¥2,000, preschool children: Free

<Pool shape/size>
– Rectangular / Length: 25 m / Width: 9 m / Depth: 1.1 m

<Kiddie pool>
– Not available

<Age restrictions>
– Four years and older
(Small children are not allowed to swim alone. A guardian must be present during use of the pool.)

<For visitors>

  • The fees listed above apply.
  • Please inform the hotel reception desk that you would like to use the pool.
    Tickets are sold at the hotel reception desk; please present them to the poolside staff.
    Ticket stubs are required for re-entry, so please be sure to take them with you.

* Please be aware that if tickets (including ticket stubs) are lost, access to the pool will be denied.
* Parking fees will be waived for visitors.
* We do not take advance reservations.
* The pool may be unavalable on certain days depending on weather conditions or crowding.

[Items for rent & pricing]
<Deck chair price>
– Premium deck chair set (parasol, two deck chairs, table)
July ¥7,000
August ¥7,000
September ¥3,000
– Deck chair (parasol, two deck chairs, table)
July ¥3,000
August ¥3,000
September ¥1,000
* All rental prices are for an entire day (no half-day rentals in 2018.)
* We do not take advance reservations.
* Please visit the hotel reception desk and inform them on the day itself that you would like to make use of our rental service.

<Bathing suits>
* The amount available is limited.
* Only adult sizes are available for rent.
* There may not be a design that suits your taste, so we recommend bringing your own bathing suit or buying one at a shop.

[Information and advice]
* Staying guests have priority pool access, and can use the pool free of charge throughout their stay, before checking in, and the rest of the day after checking out.
* If the pool is filled to capacity by guests, access for visitors may be restricted. We ask you to be aware of this.
* People with tattoos will not be allowed access to the pool.
* We do not allow small children to swim alone. A guardian must be present during use of the pool.
* Children who use diapers are required to wear swimwear over their pool diapers.
* There is only one poolside shower available.
* Towels will be handed out by the poolside staff.
* Swimming caps are not required.
* Pool toy rental (swimming rings, kickboards, etc) is not available.
* We ask you to refrain from bringing and using your own sheets, mats, tents, etc.
Please use our deck chair rental service (at cost.)
* It is allowed to bring your own pool toys (swimming rings, etc.)
However, since the pool is only 25 meters long we would like to ask you to take the other guests into consideration and not use any pool toys larger than 100 centimeters.
* We will make a poolside air pump available which can be used free of charge.
* The exit to the pool is on the first and second floor.
* Changing rooms can be found on the second floor. (Men: In the back to the left, Women: In the front to the left)
* A 100 yen coin is required to use the lockers at the changing rooms (coin return system.)
* A swimsuit dryer is available in each of the changing rooms.
* For safety reasons we do not allow you to bring the following with you:
Lighters/matches, dangerous items, glassware, parasols, tents, snorkels, fins, diving masks, etc.

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