Enjoy Japanese Cuisine

Enjoy Japanese Cuisine and Feel Japan!

We offer Japanese cuisine with local fresh ingredients.

Enjoy unique Japanese cuisine such as “Shabu-shabu“, “Sukiyaki“, “Teppan-yaki (Hot Plate)” and so on.

Also, we have western cuisine restaurant and you can have western foods arranged in a Japanese way.

You have a wide variety of choice for restaurants, as guests can use restaurants in Hotel West as well as those in Hotel East.

Restaurants in Hotel East

  • Suki-yaki  Syabu-syabu  Teppanyaki Breeze (SOFU)

Enjoy delectable “Sukiyaki” and “Shabu-shabu” carefully prepared to suit your style, using only the finest of ingredients. In addition to “Sukiyaki” and “Shabu-shabu“, there is also “Teppanyaki” counter where the chef will give a performance right in front of you. Try Shinshu premium beef or selected seafood in the chef’s specials.

すき焼イメージ (2)鉄板焼 森

  • All Day Dining Karuizawa Grill

With the concept of “Power of the Earth, Grace of Nagano”, we offer our baked and grilled menu using fine Nagano ingredients only. Enjoy your dining while watching the chef performing art of cooking in the wide open kitchen. There is also Bar Counter so that you can have executive night in our hotel.



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Restaurants in Hotel West

  • Buffet Restaurant New York

Diverse visitors from families to groups enjoy the buffet courses generously featuring seasonal ingredients and a vibrant salad bar. Dishes include Japanese food with local ingredients.

  • Japanese Restaurant Karamatsu

While keeping to traditions surrounding Japanese cuisine, the “Kaiseki” meal courses incorporate new ideas with refined flavors and striking, beautiful presentation. Sushi with the freshest ingredients is also available for your enjoyment.

  • Chinese Restaurant Tohri

Visit with families or groups large and small for a lively experience of casual à la carte selections or various full-course meals.

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