12 July 2017

July 12, 2017(Wed.) Grand Opening After Renovation!

Find your own story in the forest.

Karuizawa Prince Hotel East

July 12, 2017(Wed.) Grand Opening After Renovation.

Discovering the heart of Karuizawa Forest, having a great time and getting an experience you have never had before. With this idea in mind, we came up with a concept of NEO FOREST reflecting the image of forest. It is a new hotel that will make you smile and get excited throughout your whole stay.


The story begins with a “place where you can talk freely”

Once you step inside, you may fee a note of peace drifting around, where our lobby and lounge bring a fun atmosphere of Karuizawa forest.

Karuizawa Prince Hotel East

Main Building

Guest Lounge “SAKURA”

It is a place where you can strengthen cultural exchanges with other guests during your stay. Furthermore, we offer free soft drinks 24 hours.

Moments of relaxation

Room walls and carpets, designed with a tree leaves motif, create a peaceful atmosphere and make you feel relaxed. Enjoy the view of all four seasons from a big picture window and take a deep breath full of forest air.

デラックスツイン (7)

フォレストツイン (10)

Get a taste of Karuizawa

2 restaurants specializing on the selected Shinshu ingredients. We offer private comfortable dining rooms for group and families.

All Day Dining Karuizawa Grill

With the concept of ”Power of the Earth, Grace of Shinshu”, we offer our bake and grill menu using fine Shinshu ingredients only. Enjoy your dining while watching the chef performing art of cooking in the wild open kitchen.

三谷撮影 グリル

A la Carte dinner style “Fun to choose, fun to share”

Choose your favorite dishes and create your own original dinner course. Share it with others and enjoy.

新イースト70夕食プラン     IMG_7643

Teppanyaki Sukiyaki Shabu-Shabu Breeze (SOFU)

In addition to our Japanese dishes, such as sukiyaki and shabu-shabu, in which we pay a lot of attention to selecting ingredients with a focus on products from Shinshu region, we have recently added a teppan-yaki (hot plate) corner. Here you can enjoy our dishes cooked directly in front of you by our chefs while admiring views of the nature of Karuizawa.

すき焼 しゃぶしゃぶ 鉄板焼 爽風 (2)    爽風 イメージ (5)

Breeze Teppanyaki MORI

Try Shinshu premium beef or selected seafood in the chef’s specials.

170219和食鉄板   ★新イースト 鉄板焼き (3)

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