Hot Spring Brisa Marina

Hot Spring facilities “Brisa Marina” was opened in 2014,
There are Outdoor bath and Indoor bath, including private bath. A multi functional hot spring facility with a relaxation SPA massage rooms. A comfortable sea breeze from the beautiful sea spreading in front of you with the view nature.

Spring Quality: Calcium · Sodium · Sulfate · Chloride Hot Spring (Hypotonicity / weak alkalinity / high-temperature spring)  Adaptability: neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, recovery from fatigue etc.

Opening Hours

  • 6:00A.M.-11:00A.M.(LC 10:30A.M.)
  • 1:00P.M.-12:00MID.(LC 11:30P.M.)
  • If the Sunrise is earlier than 6:00A.M.  it will be open by Sunrise.
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