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Make your onsen vacation both active and comfortable.

Sekitei Rotenburo (outdoor hot spring)

Sekitei Rotenburo (outdoor hot spring)

The Sekitei Rotenburo’ overlooks a mountain stream and features a number of baths with names such as ‘Suisho no yu’ and ‘Tsumadori no yu’ which are renowned at Manza Kogen Hotel for their quality spring water and plentiful flows.

Hyakusen no yu 'uchiyu' (indoor hot spring)

Hyakusen no yu ‘uchiyu’ (indoor hot spring)

Take in the splendid natural beauty of Manza through the panoramic windows while bathing in hot spring…

Hyakusen no yu 'rotenburo' (outdoor hot spring)

Hyakusen no yu ‘rotenburo’ (outdoor hot spring)

Located adjacent to the indoor hot springs, the ‘rotenburo’ outdoor onsen contain spring water with different attributes.

Tennis Courts

Enjoy a tennis game and feel reinvigorated in the fresh highland air. A total of four hard courts are available for guest use.

Souvenir Shop

Souvenir Shop

With a focus on local souvenirs, the store offers an array of items unique to Manza.



After relaxing in the Sekitei Rotenburo’ try pampering yourself with a beauty treatment to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and moisturized. Other options include reflexology and muscle relaxation treatments.

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