DRAGONDOLA Snowcat Shuttle

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[Reservation Required]
We offer a shuttle service from Naeba Prince Hotel
to DRAGONDOLA boarding area!


[Fare] *Round-trip only
Adults ¥1,000    Children ¥700
*Preschool children are not permitted.
*The fare does not include boarding of dragondola.

Information center located in The Day Trip Ski Center of Naeba Prince Hotel
*Advanced reservation required

[Reception time]
Up to the previous day from 9:00A.M. to 6:00P.M.
On the day before 30 minutes prior to departure.

[Shuttle Timetable]

9:00A.M. / 10:30 A.M. / 12:30P.M. / 2:30P.M.
(From the hotel to dragondola base station)

◆DRAGONDOLA Base Station
10:45 A.M. / 12:45 P.M. / 2:15P.M. / 3:45P.M.
(From dragondola base station to the hotel)

Snowcat shuttle & Dragondola sightseeing plan for Seibu Prince Club “emi” members!
Adults ¥3,000
Children ¥1,800  *Preschool children are not permitted.

① Preschoolers not accepted to board on the snowcat.
② Wearing a snowsuit, boots, gloves and a hat.
③ Person who prone to motion sickness is requested to refrain using
④ Please contact staff if the number of people change than that of your original reservation.

*Depending on the weather conditions, snowcat shuttle is subject to change the schedule.

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