31 January 2019

Celebrating the Chinese New Year Festival at Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel

During the Chinese New Year period, the Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel will be offering various opportunities for guests to experience Japanese culture.

  • Photo Spots
    We will install a panel themed “New Year with Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel’s mascot character Prince Nio.”
  • Special Menus
    We will be providing both Japanese-style New Years cuisine and Chinese New Year Festival cuisine, and a booth for learning about these dishes, as well as their histories, located at the breakfast venue. [Time period] February 5th (Tuesday) – February 7th (Thursday)
    Japanese New Year Menu: e.g “Ozoni” (rice cake soup), “Osechi” (classic New Year’s cuisine)
    Chinese New Year Menu: e.g. Boiled Dumplings, Spring Rolls
  • Chinese New Year Festival at the Prince Square
    As one of our efforts to serve our visitors from overseas, we will prepare a recreational space for guests to enjoy at night. Attractions include: ping-pong, origami-folding, a hakama (Japanese kimono formal skirt)-dressing experience booth, and an information booth on the tourism & culture of Shiga Prefecture, in foreign languages. [Time period] February 4th (Monday) – February 6th (Wednesday)

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