21 June 2018

Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel Renewal News vol.2 “Lake View Dining Biona”

March 3rd, 2017 The buffet restaurant on the 37th floor has been renovated and is now open as “Biona.”

“New York Steak & Seafood Restaurant” was reborn as a buffet restaurant “Lake View Dining Biona” on March 2017.
The restaurant is divided into three areas inspired by “the nature” that Biwa Lake is famous for. The buffet has Japanese, Chinese, and Western dishes, made with local ingredients and organic vegetables. Furthermore, the cooking boards now have iron plates for grilling. Enjoy the improved menu and the accompanying performances.
The “ABC×ablab.” menu has been jointly created by the Ritsumeikan University Sports and Health Sciences Faculty Ebi Research Center (professor Kumiko Ebi) and Biona’s chef Kenji Okamoto to fit the newest knowledge in nutrition science!
Enjoy the different seasonal menus based on the “Shiga Prefecture’s Health” theme.

Please visit the Lake View Dining Biona website for details.

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