Explore our Japanese Garden

Our Japanese Garden was landscaped by Teiji Kusuoka in 1971, and contains many historical structures dating back to the 1600s. Walk amongst the trees and flowers representing all four seasons, and discover stone guardians, an ancient temple, our famous bell tower and much more. Comprising an area of 20,000 square meters, keep an eye out for resident fish, birds and more!

【Structures in the Japanese Garden】

  • The Kihinkan-Completed in 1911 as Prince Takedanomiya’s residence.
  • EAN Japanese Tea House-Design by Mr. Togo Murano in 1985.
  • Temple dedicated to Kannon-Removed from Chokyu-ji and reconstructed in 1954.
  • Bell Tower-Made in 1656. Removed from Nenbutsu-ji and reconstructed in 1959.
  • Gate of Temple/Bronze Lantern
  • Pair of Stone Guardian Dog

【Flowers of the Four season】

  • Winter        Narcissus/Chimonanthus Praecox
  • Spring         Pieris Japonica/Prunus Persica/Violet
  • Summer     Hydrangea Macrophylla/Melastoma Candidum
  • Autumn      O.Fragrans/Camellia Japonica

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