Buffet Restaurant, Hapuna

Buffet Restaurant Hapuna at the first floor offers a open ambience with ceiling till the second floor.
Eat as much as you like from our wide-ranging and varied menu, featuring seasonal produce from Hokkaido.

Seating: 200

Budget& Hours

  • Breakfast Buffet: 6:00A.M. – 10:00A.M.
    Adults ¥2,700, Elementary School Children (6-12 years) ¥1,400, Preschool Kids (4-5 years) ¥950
  • Lunch Buffet: 11:30A.M. – 2:30P.M.
    [On weekdays]
    Adults ¥2,200, Elementary School Children (6-12 years) ¥1,200, Preschool Kids (4-5 years) ¥700, Senior Citizens above 65 years of age ¥1,800
    [On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays]
    Adults ¥2,400, Elementary School Children (6-12 years) ¥1,200, Preschool Kids (4-5 years) ¥700
  • Dinner Buffet: 5:30P.M. – 9:00P.M.
    Adults ¥4,300, Elementary School Children (6-12 years) ¥2,300, Preschool Kids (4-5 years) ¥1,250, Senior Citizens above 65 years of age ¥3,600
  • *Senior citizens above 65 years of age are requested to bring an age verification proof alongwith them.
  • *The charges are inclusive of taxes.

Location: Tower, 1F


Breakfast Buffet
– Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine, Salads, etc.,
all 60 items are buffet style.

Enjoy more than 60 dishes featuring Japanese, Western, Salad etc., abundantly using ingredients produced in Hokkaido.

At performance Corner, our chef makes omelettes in front of your eyes. Enjoy the fluffy and creamy omelette with your favourite ingredients such as spinach, mushrooms, cheese etc. The highlight is the Corn Butter Miso Ramen finished with a deep and refreshing soup. A must-have.

In addition, we offer takeout cups in the coffee corner. Please enjoy a coffee or a tea leisurely in your room after a meal.


*Guest who have a breakfast voucher, please remember to pass it to the staff at the Hapuna entrance.
*We may ask you to wait in case the it is crowded.


Omelette-Performance-sapporo-prince-hotel Scrambled-Eggs-made-with-Hokkaido-Milk-sapporo-prince-hotel sausages-sapporo-prince-hotel
Omelette Performance Scrambled Eggs made with
Hokkaido Milk
hapuna-sapporo-prince-hotel-01 Hokkaido-Cod-Roe-prince-hotel squid-pickled-in-soy-sauce-prince-hotel
Hokkaido Ika Somen (Squid Noodles) Hokkaido Amaebi (Sweet Shrimps), Salmon Hokkaido Cod Roe Squid Pickled in Soy Sauce
sticky-and-slimy-mixed-salad-in-vinegar-dressing Minestrone-Soup-Daily-Menu-prince-hotel Onion-Soup-Daily-Menu-prince-hotel
Sticky and Slimy Mixed Salad
in Vinegar Dressing
Minestrone Soup
*Daily Menu
Onion Soup *Daily Menu
Hokkaido-Salt-broiled-Salmon-prince-hotel Hokkaido-Atka-Mackerel-Daily-menu-prince-hotel Simmered-Meat-and-Potatoes-Daily-menu-prince-hotel
Hokkaido Salt-broiled Salmon Hokkaido Atka Mackerel
*Daily menu
Simmered Meat and Potatoes
*Daily menu
mixed-salad-prince-hotel petit-tomato-prince-hotel onion-slice-prince-hotel
Mixed Salad Petite Tomato Onion Slice
fruit-cocktail-prince-hotel orange-prince-hotel grapefruit-prince-hotel
Fruit Cocktail Orange Grapefruit
corn-butter-miso-ramen-prince-hotel Breads-(Croissants, Chocolate Danish, Butter Roll, Bread, Raisin Bread)-prince-hotel cornflakes-prince-hotel
Corn Butter Miso Ramen Breads (Croissants, Chocolate
Danish, Butter Roll, Bread,
Raisin Bread)
Rice-(Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi)-prince-hotel Miso-Soup-Enjoy-with-your-favourite-ingredient-prince-hotel dried-plum-prince-hotel
Rice (Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi) Miso Soup *Enjoy with your
favourite ingredient
Dried Plum
sarobetsu-milk-prince-hotel Enjoy-coffee-in-the-comfort-of-your-room-with-our-take-out-cup-prince-hotel
Sarobetsu Milk Enjoy coffee in the comfort of
your room with our take out

*Please inform our staff in advance in case you have any food allergies.
*The food and menu is subject to change in accordance to procurement status.

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