22 February 2018

“Yuri!!! on ICE × Sanrio Characters” Tie-up Accommodation Plan

Sales Period: Tuesday, February 13 – Thursday, May 31, 2018

Both themes, which are well-known globally across generations, have collaborated in Japan in numerous cafés, retail shops and department stores. This is their first time to collaborate with a hotel.

Two kinds of plans will be offered: the “Concept Room Accommodation Plan” and the “Accommodation Plan with Original Goods.” Seven small characters are specially illustrated for these plans. Dressed as hotel staff and in pajamas, the characters are used as motifs for the concept rooms as well as for the original goods included in the plan for guests to take home. They are fun concepts, combining cuteness with the unique sense of our hotel.
Visitors from overseas will be able to enjoy our hotel as a tourism hub as they immerse in the Japanese culture through anime.

Japanese anime has gained much support from within Japan and overseas as part of the Cool Japan campaign.
Ikebukuro in Tokyo has become well-known as a subculture area. The sudden increase in anime and cosplay events and related stores has created a lively area packed with people on a daily basis.

Toshima-ku, where the hotel is located, has initiated the “International City of Arts and Culture Vision” and has been selected as Japan’s candidate city for the 2019 Culture City of East Asia. Thus, the area as a whole is expected to develop further.

Since 2016, we have been involved in numerous tie-ups with anime creations. We have proactively sought a tie-up that will bring enjoyment to overseas guests and are striving to spread the Japanese culture of anime and invigorate the entire Ikebukuro district.

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