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Guest Rooms

※ All are non-smoking rooms.


In case smoking is detected from your room during your stay or even after checkout, (In case we detect smoke smell or employees find multiple cigarette butts in the room) the hotel will charge separate cost for cleaning and you will be liable to the pay the room rent for the entire duration the room remains unbooked due to this.  *A separate penalty will also be charged.

Terrace (Single Story Villa)

Terrace (Single Story Villa)

Single-story villas which guest can access without using stairs to every room.

Maisonette (2-Stories Villa)

Maisonette (2-Stories Villa)

A spacious two storied rooms where all three generations of a family can spend a relaxing time.…

Maisonette Spa  (2-Stories Villa with Hot Springs)

Maisonette Spa (2-Stories Villa with Hot Springs)

For bathing options, in addition to a spacious indoor Jacuzzi, there is a natural open-air hot spring…

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