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FAQ about The Prince Villa Karuizawa


Q.1 Is there a shuttle from Karuizawa Station

A.1  From JR Karuizawa Station, we offer free shuttle bus service every 30 minutes. Reservation is not required. For detailed time schedule as well as bus stop location, please refer to URL below:


Also, you can use complimentary shuttle service from Karuizawa Station to The Prince Villa Karuizawa. This service is available anytime when you want to go hotel from station. Please tell us your arrival time. (This shuttle service is only for customers staying at The Prince Karuizwa and The Prince Villa Karuizawa.)

Upon arrival at Karuizawa Station, please take the SOUTH Exit to the street level.

Q.2 Is there a parking lot?

A.2   Hotel has on site accessible parking.

The daily parking charge for hotel guests is JPY 1,000, which is valid till 22:00 of the check-out date.

Please present your parking ticket at Front Desk upon check-in.

You can either pay the fee at fare adjustment machine, or at the exit gate.

Once the payment is done, you can use the ticket as “Passcard” for free entrance/exit.

Q.3  How can the Hotel be reached from the Haneda Airport (HND)?


By Train

From:Haneda Airport Station to Mono-rail Hamamatsucho Station:

<with Tokyo Monorail: takes approx. 15 min>

From: Mono-Rail Hamamatsucho Station to JR Hamamatsucho Station

<Both are in the same building. 5-6min. walking distance

From:JR Hamamatsucho Station to JR Tokyo Station

<JR Keihin-Tohoku Line(silver train with a blue stripe) 7 min.

or <JR Yamanote-Line (silver train with a green stripe) 9 min

From: JR Tokyo Station to JR Karuizawa Station

<with Hokuriku Shinkansen, approx. 1 hour

From JR Karuizawa Station to Karuizawa Prince Hotel  =>free shuttle bus (Upon arrival at Karuizawa Station, please take the SOUTH Exit to the street level. You will find the bus stop under the white roof.)

Q.4 How can the Hotel be reached from the Narita Airport (NRT)?


By Train

From :Narita Airport to JR Tokyo Station

<with Narita Express

From: JR Tokyo Station to JR Karuizawa Station

<with Hokuriku Shinkansen, approx. 1 hour

From JR Karuizawa Station to Karuizawa Prince Hotel  =>free shuttle bus

(Upon arrival at Karuizawa Station, please take the SOUTH Exit to the street level. You will find the bus stop under the white roof.)

[Staying Hotel]

Q.1 What time is the check-in time?

A.1  Check-in time is 3:00PM, and it depends on plans.

Q.2  Can I check in early or late check out?

A.2 We can accept your request of early check-in or late check-out and our front desk has been informed.  Although the possibility of the service depends on the availability of the room, we will try to meet your request.

Q.3  Can I request a room with a good view?

A.3  Yes, requests will be accepted and we will make all efforts to fulfill the request. However, please understand that there are cases where requests cannot be fulfilled due to large group bookings or previous requests.

Q.4 Is there internet available in the room?

A.4  Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and the Center House at The prince Villa Karuizawa .

Q.5 Is it possible to rent a crib for a baby?

A.5  There is a crib rental service available free of charge. However, the fence of our baby bed is made relatively low, therefore, to avoid the risk of falling down, we would not recommend the usage by children, who can already stand by themselves. As an alternative, we could install babyguards and/or put 2 beds together. Please kindly let us know of your preference.

Q.6  Is it possible to rent a mobile charger?

A.6 There is a mobile charger rental service. Please ask our staff at front desk.

Q .7 How can I go the hot-spring ?

A.7  Complimentary shuttle service from villa to the hot-spring is provided to guests staying in hotel. This service is available 24 hours. Also, you can use Pick Up Bus. You can save your time by using our Pick Up Bus when bell captain transportation service is busy.

Q.8 How large are the rooms?


・Terrace(Single Story Villa/up to 6 guests) / 102㎡ 1,098 sq.ft.

・Maisonette (2-Stories Villa/up to 8 guests) / 129.5㎡ 1,392 sq.ft.(Total floor area)

・Maisonette Spa(2-Stories Villa with Hot Spring/up to 8 guests) / 129.5㎡ 1,392 sq.ft. (Total floor area)

More Information about Rooms



Q.1 What is the ‘Smile Concierge’ ?

A.1 At Karuizawa Station, the gateway to Karuizawa, you will find a luggage holding and delivery service, outside the south exit, in addition to various services including tourist and other information, all provided following the concept of ‘quick, easy, and convenient.’

 More Information

Q.2 Are there hot-spring?

A.2 There is ”Forest Hot-Spring” in the EAST. You can enjoy indoor bath, open air bath, and steam sauna.

Opening Hours: 7:00 A.M.to 11:00 P.M. (Last entrance: 10:30 P.M.)

*The guest who can use the hot spring for a privilege (for free)

→Karuizawa Prince Hotel East Main Building

Adults (older than 13 years old) will be charged ¥150 additionally as bathing tax.

→The Prince Villa Karuizawa

→The Prince Karuizawa

Adults (older than 13 years old) will be charged ¥150 additionally as bathing tax based on user charges.

Please be noticed Forest Hot-Spring will be no longer available for guests staying in Karuizawa Prince Hotel West (Twin room and cottages) and East Cottages. Enjoy Tickets cannot be used.

Q.3 Are there shops available in the hotel? 

A.3 We are afraid that there isn’t shop at The Prince Villa Karuizawa.

Please use shops at the West or East.



Q.1  Are there restaurants available in the hotel?

A.1   We are afraid that there isn’t restaurant at The Prince Villa Karuizawa.
But you can use ‘Center House Lounge (free)’ or ‘My Chef Service (charged)’.

■Center House Lounge(free of charge)

Check-in and Check-out at the dedicated lounge, then enjoy the guest-only facilities that include terrace seats, private booths, and a smoking room with sofa. The Center House lounge flexibly offers breakfast, light meals, drinks, etc. throughout your stay.

More Information about ‘Center House’

■My Chef Service(fees apply)

Your private chef will visit to prepare a special in-room meal, from French cuisine, to sushi, barbeque (Summer only)

①French full course    ¥21,600 per person

②Sushi kaiseki course ¥21,600 per person

③Barbeque (summer) ¥10,800 per person

※Tax included, service fee will be charged separately.

※My Chef Service is not included in accommodation plan rate.

※Extra delivery fee will be charged ¥40,000~ (tax included)

Reservation is required. Which can be made from a week prior to the day you plan to dine, to the day you dine.

TEL: +81-267-42-1111(10:00AM~6:00PM)

Email: karuizawa-rsv@princehotels.co.jp

[Staying With Children]

Q.1 From what age does the child rate apply?

A.1 Rooms: Children under 6 years of age can stay free of charge with existing bedding. Children aged 7 and older will be charged as adult.  Restaurant: Breakfast and dinner buffet charges will be applied for children 3 years old and above.

Q.2   Is it possible to have the child sleep together on the same bed with the parents?

A.2   For children of preschool age (0–6 years of age) that are able to sleep together on the same bed, this is possible.
*There is no specific charge for this.  (Use of an additional bed will be charged.)

*Under fire law in Japan, it is prohibited to share the bed with children aged over 7.

Q.3  If we are staying with children, is it possible to request extra towels and other amenities?

A.3  Towels, child–size toothbrushes, slippers and child–size yukata (Japanese robes) are able to be provided upon request.For other items, please make a request and if possible, we are happy to provide them.