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  • ザ・プリンス ヴィラ軽井沢 センターハウス_外観3
  • ザ・プリンス ヴィラ軽井沢 全景6
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  • ザ・プリンス ヴィラ軽井沢 テラスタイプ_ベッドルーム6
  • ザ・プリンス ヴィラ軽井沢 テラスタイプ_リビング6
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Travel Information

History of Karuizawa

Karuizawa is famous as a summer resort. In older times, this place was popular amongst people as a vital point of transportation. It was also famous as a land of peace. Explore more about its history at different times and know in depth about Karuizawa.

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