1 July 2015

Information regarding “Volcano, seismic activity around Hakone-machi”

We are grateful for your kind support and trust in us.
As announced the Meteorological Agency has raised the volcano alert level to 3.
Special entry regulations have been established in 1Km radius around the Owakudani crater. As a result, Hakone Ropeway, part of prefectural road 734 and 735 (between Sounzan and Uba-Ko) have been stopped and “no entry” has been issued in nature paths, walking roads and hiking courses as well.

All the facilitis of “The Prince Grand Resort Hakone” including hotels, golf courses and parks are located more than 2 Km away from the Owakudani crater and will continue to operate as usual.

We will update our websites for the latest information in this regard.
We apologize for causing you any concern and we look forward to receive your continued patronage.

For details please refer to the website below.
Hakone-machi Website:

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