Manza Hot Springs Ski Resort (Gunma)

Enjoy the magical milky hot springs and shining powder snow.

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Snowshoeing Tour

Snowshoeing Tour

Trekking in Manza Let's go to a world covered by snow!

Operational days Mid-January to late March (to be determined)
Operational time 10:00A.M.~12:00NOON(planned)
Target users Only for guests who stay in the Manza Prince Hotel and Manza Kogen Hotel
*elementary school children or older
Application advance reservation required
Reception time 8:30A.M.~9:45A.M.
Fee to be announced
Parent and Child Tube Curling

Parent and Child Tube Curling

This is an event where parents can push their children's snow tubing and compete for scores in the area where the tubings stop.

Operational days The second and fourth Saturdays from January to March
Target users Elementary school students in parent-children pairs
Application Application is received on the day (limited to the first 20 pairs)
Reception time 1:30 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.
Fee Free of charge