MICE requirements at the best location ever.


Excellent accessibility via land, sea and air, overseas and domestic.

Hybrid Complex

The area is a hybrid complex with banqueting halls, hotels,
restaurants, and entertainment facilities.

We offer banquet halls and meeting rooms of various sizes, high-quality
hotel rooms and restaurants that provide a variety of cuisines. Our
entertainment facilities, including movie theaters, concert halls and an
aquarium, are also within walking distance.


Flexibly support different scales of MICE events from small, medium or large
scale up to 3,000 attendees.

PRINCE TOKYO MICE CITY’s seven-hotel area, with numerous guest rooms and
an array of banquet halls, can flexibly provide ideal MICE support for your needs.
You can hold even large-scale conventions with 3,000 attendees without hassle.

Our experienced professionals provide concierge-care

PRINCE TOKYO MICE CITY offers you a dedicated MICE planner team.

The team works closely with you to create a detailed plan.
Skilled specialists will be assigned after fully understanding the facilities and
services you require. The entire team will support your MICE events from
preparation through operations on the very day. Even if this is your first
occasion, you can hold your ideal MICE with complete peace of mind.


AREA MAP THE PRINCE GALLERY TOKYO KIOICHO A luxury hotel that stimulates the senses and envelopes you in elation TOKYO PRINCE HOTEL A tranquil hotel that touches on Tokyo's nature and history THE PRINCE PARK TOWER TOKYO A refined urban hotel enveloped in greenery and stillness THE PRINCE SAKURA TOWER TOKYO, GRAND PRINCE HOTEL TAKANAWA, GRAND PRINCE HOTEL SHIN TAKANAWA A traditional hotel rich in tradition and innovativeness SHINAGAWA PRINCE HOTEL An entertainment town in front of Shinagawa Station