July 2 , 2019

Art auction is being held

An art auction is being held in the hotel lobby. Please find your favorite one. 
The works will be replaced at each exhibition. 

[ Date ] ① 5/9 (Thu)-6/28 (Fri) 
  ② 6/28 (Fri)-8/1 (Thu) 
  ③ 8/1 (Thu)-9/5 (Thu) 
  ④ 9/5 (Thu)-10/30 (Wed) 
  ⑤ 10/30 (Wed)-12/16 (Mon) 
  ⑥ 12/16 (Mon)-1/29 (Wed) 
  ⑦ 1/29 (Wed)-3/30 ( (Month) 

[Participation method] 
 Fill in the auction form with the necessary information such as the work number, bid price, and customer information, 
 and post it to the bid box. 
 Auction organizer (St. Paul Gallery) will contact you at a later date.

Click here for a list of exhibits

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