July 26 , 2019

Enjoyable! Meal & Miyajima Sightseeing

Adjacent to the Moto Ujina Pier, the hotel takes only 26 minutes to the World Heritage Site Miyajima by using a high-speed boat. 
In addition, you can enjoy a 10% discount on all restaurants and food by presenting your fast boat ticket. 
Please use this opportunity. 

Until March 31, 2020 (Tuesday) ※ There are exclusion dates. 
※ May not be available, such as busy season. 

All restaurants 10% OFF by presenting high-speed boat tickets for Miyajima! ! 
(Including stubs after disembarking and 1-day passport)


Enjoy a seasonal menu at the restaurant overlooking the Seto Inland Sea . 

All restaurants 10% OFF by the presentation of high-speed boat tickets! !

Sky Lounge Top of HiroshimaSteak & Seafood BostonRiho Chinese RestaurantHiroshima Nadaman
Buffet Restaurant PortoLounge Morokini Okonomiyaki Kakkun

High-speed boat

26 minutes by high-speed boat from the pier in front of the hotel to Miyajima! ! 

One-way fare: Adult ¥ 1,900 
Children ¥ 950 

※ Please purchase tickets from Travel Desk in advance.

Miyajima high speed ship timetable is here