July 2 , 2019

Cruise Nagoya

Scenery of Nagoya that can only be seen from the water From 

the canal in front of the hotel, we set sail to the amusement facility! 

The Nakagawa Canal, which has been called the “Oriental Grand Canal” and previously played a major role in water transportation. 

Today, it is used as a place for water sports such as canoeing and a venue for artistic events. 

Cruise Nagoya cruises the Nakagawa Canal, which has always been loved in Nagoya. 
You can 
enjoy the scenery such as the “Sasashima Live 24 area” where you can overlook the buildings of Nagoya Station from the surface of the water, “Nakakawaguchi Tofunan” where you can have a small experience of the Panama Canal, and the open Nagoya Port. 

Period: All year (with holidays)

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◆ It is not a hotel reservation

<Boarding from the front of the hotel> “Sasashima Live” will be the boarding place in front of the hotel.

All guest rooms and restaurants at Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower are non-smoking.

[Excellent access to Legoland® Japan! ] Depart from Nakagawa Canal for 

Cruise Nagoya (Pleasure Boat) 
. (Please check business days) 
Departure from Garden Wharf → About 80 minutes 
Fare: 1,500 yen for adults, 750 yen for 
children * Information as of January 1, 2018. 

22 minutes from “Sasashima Live” station on the nearest Aonami Line . 
Get off at Kinjo Pier (330 yen)

Legoland® Japan official site

[Nagoya Port Aquarium] 

■ Nagoya Port Aquarium, Nagoya Port Port Building, and 
the Garden Wharf where there are many fun facilities such as the Nagoya Maritime Museum. 

[Access by train] 
※ Take a subway Higashiyama Line “Sakae” station, and 
 go to “Nagoya Port” for Meijo Line Kanayama. 
 5 minutes on foot from the last stop “Nagoya Port” station (Exit 3).

Nagoya Port Aquarium Official Homepage

[Canal Resort] 

■ Five full-fledged bedrock baths in open-air baths boasting Tamagawa natural hot spring and lush gardens. 
Enjoy a natural hot spring with plenty of resort feeling! 

Nagoya’s largest hot-spring facility. 
We will meet a 
wide range of 
needs with singles, families, couples, etc., such as a well-appointed gourmet zone, and a healing bedrock bath that forgets everyday . 

30 minutes at Cruise Nagoya.

Canal Resort Official Homepage