July 2 , 2019

Sasashima welcome bus

Welcome bus links between Nagoya Station and the hotel area (Sasashima Live)

■ Sasashima Welcome Bus (about 4 to 8 minutes) 
 Adult: 210 yen Child 100 yen 

 Platform: In front of Nagoya Midland Square

<Other access> 

■ Train 
and Nagoya Station, 1 minute and 2 minutes on the Aonami Line. Get off at “Sasashima Live” station, which is directly connected to the Global Gate. 

Sakae, about 20 minutes from Nishiki area (transfer to Aonami line in Nagoya Station) 

■ walk 
JR Nagoya Station Sakuradori a 13-minute walk from the port. 

■ Taxi 
JR Nagoya Station 7 minutes from Dazai Dori Exit (Shinkansen Exit). 
The fastest 3 minutes Approximately 700 yen (when not stopped at the signal) 
Average 7 minutes Approximately 900 yen (when stopped at the signal) 

35 minutes at the Chubu International Airport Meitetsu Airport Express. 

■ Private car: 5 minutes from Nagoya Expressway Central Loop Line exit 錦 
※ About the parking lot 
※ Global Gate underground parking lot 
 will be settled at the local reception for 2,500 yen per night .