July 2 , 2019

Train view spots in the hotel that can be viewed outside the rooms!

In addition to guest rooms, the hotel offers train and night views. 

1. 32F Business Corner You can enjoy a train view of 4 lines and 7 lines in the direction of Nagoya Station. 

2. 32F You can enjoy the train view of the fitness room Nagoya vehicle ward. 

3.31 floor You can enjoy a straight train view over the bathroom about 2 km.

■ Get off the 32nd floor business corner elevator and turn right. If you go to the left at the end, you will find the door of the business corner. 
There are free sofas for entry, so you can enjoy the train view of Nagoya Station and 4 routes for 7 routes .

■ Get off the 32nd floor fitness room elevator and turn left. If you turn right at the end, you will find a fitness corner door. 
Please unlock the fitness corner lock with the room key. You can enjoy a group of vehicles that are parked in the Nagoya Vehicle Zone. 

※ Please refrain from taking photos when there are customers being exercised in the fitness room .

Click here for the Train View Accommodation Plan
Click here for the Train View Accommodation Plan