August 21 , 2019

New Furano Prince Hotel “Morning” proposal

In the suburbs of Furano, “Lavender” in the alley has begun to bloom, and it feels like “The summer has finally arrived”. 
The New Furano Prince Hotel, facing the refreshing season, proposes “Morning” that allows you to enjoy morning time effectively. 
There are various activities and experiences that can be enjoyed on the grounds in the morning, so you can 
make use of the morning time during your stay effectively and create a “traveling memories” unique to Furano. 
During your stay in Furano, be sure to enjoy a full “morning life”. 

■ New Furano Prince Hotel Representative TEL: 0167-22-1111

Refreshing walk “Morning Garden”

About 900 meters above sea level

Get well from the morning! “Tenku Yoga” experience

Precious Experience Morning “Hot Air Balloon Flight”

Challenge from the morning “Tree Adventure Furano”

Morning Tournament “Park Golf Tournament”

A refreshing morning experience tour is the best!

Stroll through the Rose Garden, where you can enjoy your five senses