July 2 , 2019

[Summer only] Sunset Garden Yoga 2019


Summer garden garden yoga that takes place from evening to sunset. Change your body and mind while watching the sunset and the sky changing in the garden overlooking the sea. You can spend time only in Daegu. 

In addition to participating in yoga only, we also offer set prices for hot springs and spas. If you apply as a set, you can usually use the hot springs and spa even after 17:00 for exclusive use by guests. 

Period / Friday, August 2 (Friday) to September 13 (Friday), 2019 

Please note that it varies depending on the time / date of every Friday (60 minutes each) 
August 2 (Friday) 5: 45P. 
August 9 (Friday) 5:45 P.M.-6:45 P.M. 
August 16 (Friday) 5:30 P.M.-6: 30 P.M. 
8 23rd (Fri) 5:30 P.M.- 6: 30 P.M. 
30th August (Fri) 5:15 P.M.- 
6: 15 P.M. 6th September (Fri) 5: 00P. M.-6:00 P.M. 
Friday, September 13 5:00 P.M.-6:00 P.M. 

Location / Spa Building 1F Lobby Front Garden 
* This will be held in the hotel in case of rain. 

Reception / Spa building 1F Special counter reservation / 0463-61-7722 (10:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.) Or make a reservation from the WEB page. 
* Online reservations are accepted up to 3:00 P.M. Two days in advance. 
After that, please contact us directly by phone. 
* If you are staying at the hotel, please call the spa front from the room. 

○ Every Sunday, yoga is also held at Fire Place on the 4th floor of Spa.


1 personGeneralSEIBU PRINC CLUB member
Yoga only¥ 1,700¥ 1,500
Yoga + hot spring¥ 3,200¥ 2,700
Yoga + hot spring, spa¥ 5,200¥ 4,500

please read

* The price includes consumption tax. 
* Price includes 500ml PET bottle water and yoga mat rental. 
* Children below elementary school age cannot participate. 
* Please pay in cash or with room. 
* This event will be held at a special venue in the hotel when it rains.
* Limited to the first 18 people. 
* Please come in comfortable clothes on the day. You cannot use the hotel’s arrivals.

About reservation

Please make a reservation on the following WEB reservation or telephone. 
On the day, please come to the special counter on the first floor of the spa building. 

If you are using hot springs, face towels and bath towels are available at the spa front desk. 
For spa guests, face towels, bath towels, gowns and spa bags are available at the spa front desk. 

Reservation / 0463-61-7722 (10:00 A.M. To 5:00 P.M.)

Online reservation



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it not necessary to wear yoga wear? 
A. If it is easy to move clothes such as T-shirts and hoodies, it is okay. 

Q. I only use yoga, is there a changing room? 
A. There is no changing room. Please come in comfortable clothes. If you use a set plan with a hot spring or spa, you can use the lockers in the spa. 

Q. Can I do yoga for the first time? 
A. Of course it is possible. This is a breathing exercise or exercise to relax your body. Let’s try together. In addition to participation by one person, participation by couples and children with more than junior high school students is also possible. 

Q. Can I have children together? 
A. Only junior high school students and above can participate. Elementary school children are encouraged to participate on a separate occasion.


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