July 11 , 2019

Notice of Recruiting Spa and Fitness Members

Spa and Fitness

We are looking for Spa & Fitness members.

How to join

・ Please choose one of the following plans A and B. 
・ You can choose either an individual member or a corporate member. 
※ Please contact us in detail. TEL: 03-5400-1150 (directly)

planAdmission feedepositAnnual feetotal
Plan A¥ 1,080,000¥ 2,000,000¥ 388,800¥ 3,468,800
Plan B¥ 1,080,000¥ 0¥ 514,200¥ 1,594,200

Member benefits

We will present an invitation ticket for a panoramic twin room at the time of accommodation and admission (one room per night). 
・ We offer spa & fitness member special rate. 

We will reduce food and beverage charges by 10% by presenting restaurant, bar and membership card. (Tokyo Prince Hotel also applied) 
 ※ However, Tokyo Prince Hotel in the restaurant “Yakiniku champion Tokyo Prince Hotel shop”, except for “Le Pan Coty Dian Shiba Park store” 
 ※ special event menu, breakfast menu, private use, organizations use ( There is a menu that is partially excluded, such as 10 or more people, take-out products. 
  Please contact each restaurant for details. 

■ Introduction of wedding benefits 
・ If you introduce a wedding, you will receive ¥ 20,000 Prince ticket. 

■ It is 
free at the time of parking lot , hotel use. 

■ Bowling salon 
bowling 1 game is available for ¥ 200 off. (Free shoes for rental) 
 ※ If you are accompanied, 1 game ¥ 100 discount (¥ rental shoes fee ). 

■ Tokyo Prince Hotel Garden Pool (in Tokyo Prince Hotel) 
-Available free of charge. (Summer sales)

Spa & Fitness fee

Member companion¥ 4,300

※ Price includes consumption tax.


When a customer introduced by a member is enrolled, a ¥ 30,000 minute Prince ticket will be presented to the member.