May 22 , 2019

《STAFF RECOMMEND vol.2》 Feelings as a chef and the appeal of Hokkaido ingredients

One year has passed since I became the chef at Sapporo Prince Hotel from The Prince Park Tower Tokyo. 
We interviewed Chef Hashimoto, the chef who is starting to feel attached to the city of Sapporo and the climate of Hokkaido.

Sapporo Prince Hotel Chief Chef Hashimoto

  •  2008 4th Escoffier French Cuisine Competition Runner-up 
  •  2010 The Prince Park Tower Tokyo Restaurant “Breeze Veil” Sue Chef / 5th Escoffier French Cooking Contest 
  •  2014 7th Escoffier French Cuisine Competition Runner-up 
  •  2017 The Prince Park Tower Tokyo Banquet Hot Chef 
  •  2018 Sapporo Prince Hotel Chef

NY French restaurant “BOULEY” training, collaboration with overseas MOF chefs. 
Member of Escoffier Association / Member of the Society of Biologists. 
He works on French cuisine full of originality on the theme of tradition and creativity.

Meet foreign chefs who learned that there is no single answer.
Meet foreign chefs who learned that there is no single answer.

During the Tokyo era, I had the opportunity to collaborate with overseas chefs 3-4 times a year for about 5 years. Such as the chef who was awarded MOF, the national best craftsman’s award in France, and the Michelin star chef, the country varied from France to Italy, Spain and the United States. I learned that even if I cook the same dish, each has different methods and there is no single answer to the taste. Of course, every dish is French, but each chef had free ideas and expressions and it was very fresh. I am grateful that you have stimulated my cooking.

Three things that are important at all times to create delicious food.

There are three very simple and basic things that I value when cooking. The first is burning. Put the fire in the right moderation to maximize the flavor of meat and other ingredients. Second is salt. How to shake salt, concentration of saltiness. From the taste to the finish, the salt is finally effective and the goal of taste is determined. The third is freshness. As for the quality of ingredients, freshness is still the life. Basically, it is always important to achieve these three things because it leads to deliciousness.

Odori Park
I am interested in Hokkaido ingredients, producers, food-related people and the world.
All-you-can-eat Chinese cuisine at dinner

One year since I came to Sapporo. I was surprised at the potential of using various ingredients, and I felt it was very interesting to cook again. Speaking of seafood, there are many things that have never been used before, such as soi, kinki, tsubu, and shelled sea urchin. Dairy products such as cheese and butter are expected to be very promising because there are many young craftsmen and people who are actively engaged even in the whole country. I am interested not only in local production for local consumption, but also in activities such as industry-academia collaboration. My current hobby is making various recipes using only Hokkaido ingredients. I enjoy cooking on holidays, regardless of genre.

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