April 1 , 2018

[For celebration of the beginning of eating and longevity] Celebration plan of Sapporo Prince Hotel

Sapporo Prince Hotel offers a variety of celebration plans for the beginning of eating and longevity celebrations. 

* Period: Until March 31, 2020 (Tuesday)

◆ Eating at the beginning

On the 100th day after the birth of a newborn baby, it is a ritual to imitate eating meals such as seafood and mountain food with the hope of not having trouble eating for a lifetime. 
Served with a fish with a head (red sea bream), red rice, a soup to strengthen the sucking power, and pebbles given from the local shrine grounds to strengthen the teeth.

◆ Longevity celebration list

60th birthday61 years old (60 years old)Yoneju88 years old (87 years old)
Kouki and Kouki70 years old (69 years old)Graduation and longevity90 years old (89 years old)
Kiju77 years old (76 years old)Shirasu99 years old (98 years old)
Umbrella life80 years old (79 years old)One hundred years100 years old (99 years old)

Chinese food

Chinese cuisine on the 2nd floor of the tower At Liaocheng, we offer a meal-first celebration plan including private room charges, and a Chinese food celebration course recommended for longevity and anniversaries. 

■ Time 
[Lunch] 11:30 A.M.~2:30P.M. (Last order 2:00 P.M.) 
[Dinner] 5:30 P.M.~9:30P.M. (Last order 9: 00P) .M.) 

■ Private room usage fee 
, 1 room use (6 to 10 people) ¥ 1,000 
, 2 room use (11 to 20 people) ¥ 2,000

Click here for the details of the “Eat the First Celebration“ Life Plan ””

Click here for details on the “Hana Plan” celebration

Click here for details on the Celebration Course

* Reservations are required up to 3 days in advance.

Tower 28th floor private room

100m above the ground, the top floor of the Sapporo Prince Hotel. 
While watching the seasonal scenery of Sapporo city and the night view of the three new night view cities in Japan, you can enjoy the beginning of eating and longevity celebration. 

■ Time 
[Lunch] 11:30 A.M.~2 
: 00P.M. [Dinner] 5:30 P.M. ~ 10:00P.M. 

■ Private room 
, Hermanus ( 19-50 people) 
, Lily of the valley (6- 18 people) 
・ Lilac (6-18 people)

[Tower 28th floor private room] Click here for plan list

《Tower 28th floor private room》

1 person ¥ 3,500

〇 menu 
your build (Otsukuri) 
your soup (soup) 
Gokotobukibutsu (your vinegared) 
your Taki alignment (you Takiawase) 
house Hee product (your pottery) 
your samurai product (Omushimono) 

“boy We prepare tableware for the first time of eating (for vermilion) and for girls (black, vermilion). 
Please tell us whether you are a boy or a girl at the time of booking. 

* Prices include consumption tax and service charge.

《Tower 28th floor private room》 Children’s lunch

1 person ¥ 2,200

〇 Assorted menu 
corn soup 
plate (hamburger, fried shrimp, ketchup rice, potato fries, sausage) 
assorted dessert 
roll bread 
orange juice 

* The price includes consumption tax. A 10% service charge will be added.

* Reservations are required up to 5 days in advance. 
* Available for 6 to 50 people.

Chinese Restaurant Liaocheng 28th Floor Private Room <Common Options>

Home made cake

Would you like to make a surprise production with a message to the chocolate plate on your homemade cake for celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries? 
In addition to being eaten in the store, you can take it home. 
● Price 1 piece 
, 12cm, for 2 to 3 people ¥ 2,130 
・ 15cm, 4 to 6 people ¥ 3,140 
・ 18cm, 7 to 8 people ¥ 4,170 
* Price includes consumption tax. A 10% service charge will be added. 

(Reservation system up to 8:00 A.M. On the day)

Fresh cream

Fresh cream

Gateau chocolate (chocolate)

Gateau chocolate (chocolate)

Gateau chocolate (fruit)

Gateau chocolate (fruit)

Gateau chocolat (nuts / fresh cream)

Gateau chocolat (nuts / fresh cream)


Available from ¥ 3,240 according to your budget.

* Reservations are required up to 6:00 P.M. On the previous day.

Chanchanko loan

¥ 2,160

* Reservations are required up to 6:00 P.M. On the previous day.

Baby bed rental


Chinese food We will provide baby cots for guests using the 28th floor private rooms in Liaocheng. 
Please tell us when making a reservation.