August 22 , 2019

International pavilion Pamir [Year-end party / New year party] Western dishes / Chinese dishes ¥ 7,000

International pavilion Pamir [Year-end party / New year party] Western dishes / Chinese dishes ¥ 7,000

Sapporo Prince Hotel Tower 15th Anniversary / Kokusaikan Pamir 20th Anniversary <End-of-year Party / New Year Party Plan> A 

creative Western food world where you can enjoy a gorgeous and exciting cuisine. 

■ Price: ¥ 7,000 per person 

■ Period: November 22, 2019 (Friday) to January 31, 2020 (Friday) 

* The plan includes a 2-hour venue fee and all-you-can-drink. 
* Kokusaikan Pamir Year-end Party / New Year Party Plan must be reserved up to 7 days in advance. 
* Available from 10 people. In addition, it will be offered at the International Pavilion. 
* The price includes service charge and consumption tax.


  •  Skipjack tuna Ginger and large leaf decoration Ponzu flavor
  •  Chicken breast when marinated bacon and shallot sherry vinegar flavor
  •  Shrimp cooked with chili sauce with greens
  •  Chicken and mozzarella cheese mariage
  •  Iberico pork and pie wrapping grilled madera sauce
  •  Fried rice with Takana and Mentaiko
  •  Hojicha Gateau
All-you-can-drink menu
All-you-can-drink menu

* Bottled beer * 
* Wine (red / white) * 
Japanese sake * 
Shochu * 
Plum wine * 
Soft drink 
* 20th anniversary cocktail

Plus one menu
Plus one menu

If you add ¥ 500 or ¥ 1,000 per person to the course you have selected, you can add one dish, such as a dish using foie gras recommended by Chef Hashimoto and Zwei. 

■ 1 person plus ¥ 1,000 all 4 types 
■ 1 person plus ¥ 500 all 8 types

Click here for details on the Plus One menu

[PRESENT] Mon-Thursday / holiday-only benefits! Any one point present

1.One pick-up bus << plan for 7,000 yen or more, customers using more than 30 people >>

You can board up to 50 people.

2.Chef recommended menu 1-item service << Customers who use plans of ¥ 7,000 or more >>

Please choose one item from the plus one menu ¥ 500.

3.Upgrade the dessert of the plan to “dessert assortment” (Customers who use plans of ¥ 7,000 or more)

Four. Prince ticket present 《Customers using a plan of ¥ 8,000 or more》

We present 5% of plan sales.

Five. Banquet usage time extended by 30 minutes (2 hours → 2 hours and 30 minutes)

Kokusaikan Pamir

Kokusaikan Pamir

From small banquet halls to large banquet halls, we have prepared the best venues for your needs.

Click here for details on Kokusaikan Pamir


Kokusaikan Pamir 6th Floor

International building Pamir 6th floor (large banquet hall)

Kokusaikan Pamir 5th floor

International building Pamir 5th floor (medium banquet hall)

Kokusaikan Pamir 3rd floor

International building Pamir 3rd floor (large banquet hall)

Kokusaikan Pamir 2nd floor

International building Pamir 2nd floor (small banquet hall)

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* Ingredients and menus may change depending on the stocking situation.