June 17 , 2018

Legal information

We will be happy to assist you with important ceremonial ceremonies from application to the day.

Legal information

Types and knowledge of legal matters

The banquet is a ritual that prays for the virtues of the deceased’s day and prays for a peaceful happiness. 

It is customary for people who have had a relationship before their life to gather and tell the deceased the feelings of a complete offering. 

At Sapporo Prince Hotel, we will be happy 

to assist you with the important ceremonial ceremonies from application to the day. 

Please spend a moment to remember the memories of the deceased in a solemn and calm atmosphere at Sapporo Prince Hotel.

Types of legal requirements
Buddhist style

Forty-nine days are abolished in the French ceremony. Until then, they will be revived every 7 days. 
Forty-nine days is a very important dead day, so it is customary to invite relatives, deceased friends and acquaintances to provide food and dinner. 
Forty-nine days after the forty-nine days, one round (first year), three times (second year), seven times (first year), thirteen times, seventeen times, seventeen times, twenty-three times 27 times, 33 times, 37 times, 50 times, 100 times. 
The bill can be done before the date of death, but it should not be delayed.


In the ritual ceremony, the ritual corresponding to the Buddhist ritual is called the “spirit festival”. 
The day after the funeral will be held on the next day, the 10th day of the 10th day after the death, and every 10th day. 
The remorse is the Fifty Day Festival, which is equivalent to the 49th day of the Buddhist ceremony. 
This is followed by the Hundred Day Festival, the One Year Festival, the Third Year Festival, the Five Year Festival, and the Ten Year Festival, followed by a spirit festival every ten years thereafter, and the ceremony festival continues until the Centennial Festival.

Freedom law

Incorporating personal hobbies and preferences, this is a statutory practice in which the ceremony progresses and the style of the meal is carried out in a free format. 
Produce various free laws in music and flowers. 
Please feel free to contact us.

Christian ceremony

The Protestant will hold a commemorative ceremony on the day of the month of death. 
The priest (pastor) leads the deceased by reading the Bible and singing hymns. 
In Catholic, a memorial mass called Misa Holy Festival is held on the 3rd, 7th, 30th, and every year thereafter.

Basic knowledge

3 months ago

Please let us know the date and time, number of people, budget summary, and religion / sect.

2 months ago
Create and send a letter of guidance

We have prepared various types of guide letters. 
We accept the address of the brush at the hotel.

30 days ago
Meeting with dinner

We will discuss details of your budget, including cooking, drinks, and gifts.

20 days ago
Creating a seating schedule and discussing progress

You will decide the table of meals for dinner, greetings of guests, and the people who will serve. 
In addition, I think that it would be best to make a request to the people who greet and devote in advance.

10 days ago
Final meeting, submission of quotation

3 days ago
Determination of the final number of people

Changes in the number of people will be prepared for cooking, so the deadline will be three days in advance. 
Please let us know the final number of items to be picked up.

On the day

On the day, please bring your deceased and your ancestor and come to the hotel 30 minutes before reading.


We also respond to requests from Buddhist, deity, and Christian denominations. 
We also accept legal requirements tailored to your style, such as free legal requirements.

¥ 70,000 plan

Altar ¥ 70,000 plan

¥ 50,000 plan

Altar ¥ 50,000 plan

* Consumption tax is not included in the price of the altar. 
* The contents of the flower arrangement may change depending on the season.


We offer Japanese kaiseki multi-course meals, Western course meals, and Chinese dishes according to your budget and preferences. 
We can also prepare dishes and ingredients related to the deceased.

Japanese cuisine banquet ¥ 13,000

Japanese cuisine kaiseki seat ¥ 13,000 

, appetizer, soup, sashimi, grill, grilled food, boiled food, steamed food, meal, 10 fruits

Japanese cuisine banquet ¥ 11,000

Japanese cuisine kaiseki (¥ 11,000) 

, appetizer, soup, structure, pottery, boiled food, medium dish, vinegared food, meal, dessert 10 items

Japanese / Chinese mixed course ¥ 11,000

Japanese / Chinese mixed course ¥ 11,000 

Appetizer, making, stewed, grilled, boiled, vinegared, meal, dessert 8 dishes

Japanese / Western mixed course ¥ 11,000

Mixed course of Japanese and Western dishes ¥ 10,000 

appetizer, structure, pottery, pie soup, meat, steamed, meal, dessert 8 dishes

Child lunch (Western) ¥ 3,240

Child lunch (Western) ¥ 3,240

* Cooking fee includes service charge and consumption tax. 
* Ingredients and menus may change depending on the stocking situation.


Hokuto 151㎡ (46 tsubo) Western-style room

You can use the Western-style room of the international pavilion Pamir. 
We will prepare it according to the number of people and your request.

Hokuto 151㎡ (46 tsubo) Western-style room

Feast Information


Your budget will also vary depending on the contents of your legal requirements, the number of customers attending, and cuisine. 
Please feel free to contact us.

Price list

Legal room fee (reading room)From ¥ 17,000
[Cooking] Japanese Cuisine Kaiseki PlanFrom ¥ 11,000
[Cooking] Mixed course of Japanese and Western cuisineFrom ¥ 11,000
[Cooking] Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine, Chinese food table planFrom ¥ 9,000
[Cooking] Children lunch¥ 3,240

* Service charge and consumption tax included

[Drinks] Beer (medium bottle)¥ 860
[Drinks] Sake (1 go)¥ 600
[Drinks] Whiskey (glass)¥ 500
[Drinks] Shochu (Class A)¥ 250
[Drinks] Shochu (Oceae)¥ 563
[Drinks] Juice¥ 480
[Drinks] Oolong tea¥ 400

* Excluding service charge and consumption tax

Legal altar (set of Buddhist wares, flowers, offerings)¥ 50,000, ¥ 70,000, ¥ 100,000
Table flower (1 table)From ¥ 3,000
Oriku¥ 1,000
Pick-upArrangements can be made at the hotel.
Letter of guidance (30 copies)From ¥ 14,500 * Prices vary depending on the number of copies.
Letter of guidance (brush writing, 1 copy)¥ 150
Seat tag (PC, 1 copy)¥ 100

* Excluding consumption tax

Estimation example

In the case of 20 legal attendances
itemunit pricequantityCharge
Legal room fee (reading room)¥ 17,0001¥ 17,000
Subtotal (A)¥ 17,000
Legal altar (set of Buddhist wares, flowers, offerings)¥ 50,0001¥ 50,000
30 letters of invitation (with address printing)¥ 14,5001¥ 14,500
Subtotal (B)¥ 64,500
Consumption tax (8% of B) (C)¥ 5,160
Total estimate (A + B + C)¥ 86,660

* Stamp fee is not included


20 attendees
itemunit pricequantityCharge
Legal cooking plan¥ 11,00020¥ 220,000
Subtotal (A)¥ 220,000
Beer (medium bottle)¥ 860Ten¥ 8,600
Sake¥ 600Three¥ 1,800
Orange juice¥ 480Ten¥ 4,800
Oolong Tea¥ 40020¥ 8,000
Subtotal (B)¥ 23,200
Service charge (10% of B)¥ 2,320
Desktop flower¥ 3,0001¥ 3,000
Seat card¥ 10020¥ 2,000
Subtotal (C)¥ 7,320
Consumption tax (8% of B + C) (D)¥ 2,441
Total estimate (A + B + C + D)¥ 252,961
Grand total (legal and meeting meals)¥ 339,621

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