May 14 , 2019

Ryo Yokohama won the Hokkaido Governor Award at the 2019 15th IH Challenge Cooking Contest in Hokkaido

Sapporo Prince Hotel 28th floor French cuisine Trianon cooking Yokohama Ryo was held on May 9, 2019 (Thursday) “Japan 15th IH Challenge Cooking Contest IN” Received the Hokkaido Governor Award at “Hokkaido”. 

“IH Challenge Cooking Contest in Hokkaido” is a contest to challenge new dishes that are rich in locality using Hokkaido ingredients and IH (electromagnetic) cookers. 
At the Sapporo Prince Hotel, Yuta Kamijo won the Hokkaido Governor’s Award in 2018 for the second consecutive year.

Award-winning works

《A work inspired by the beginning of spring when cherry blossoms bloom》 

Auduvre A mousse of Akiyu and a scallop grié tailored 

Hokkaido beef loin with a fresh tomato sauce accented with the scent of main truffles ~ Spring blooming flowers ~

French cuisine Trianon cooking

Yokomine Ryo

1994 grade Sapporo born in 

2014 in Sapporo Belle Epoque Confectionery cooking professional school 
the same year Sapporo Prince Hotel joined banquet cooking 
2017 Steakhouse Katsura cooking 
2018 French cuisine Trianon cooking 

“seniors This award has been established, junior, colleagues of support I am 
not satisfied here and I will continue to actively participate in the competition and leave results. “

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