March 31 , 2019

"STAFF RECOMMEND" Enjoy the hotel! Girl trip

The theme of this time is [Enjoy the hotel! Girls travel]. 
This is an accommodation model plan recommended by female hoteleries.

First day

Free shuttle bus

● Free shuttle bus from JR Sapporo Station to the hotel A free shuttle bus for hotel

users is operating between Sapporo Prince Hotel and JR Sapporo Station. 
The service hours will be extended from Monday, April 1, 2019! Please use it for city sightseeing.

Click here for details on “Free Shuttle Bus”

3:00 P.M.

● Take a 

commemorative photo at the check-in lobby. Please take photos with the seasonal decorations. 
There are also other photo spots such as see-through elevators!

Triple room

● Arrive at the room 

Standard floor rooms are reopened! Triple rooms for 3 people are perfect for girls traveling. 

The room with the theme of Cozy (meaning cozy, relaxed, etc.) is a friendly space where you can feel the warmth of wood with the key color of yellow with a motif of Ginkgo trees in Hokkaido.

Click here for details on Triple Room

4:00 P.M.
Odori Park

● Walk around the hotel 

Odori Park is about a 3-minute walk from the hotel. 
In addition, sightseeing spots such as Susukino, Hokkaido Government Office Building (Red Brick Government Building) and Clock Tower are within walking distance.

6:00 P.M.
All-you-can-eat Chinese cuisine at dinner

● Chinese cuisine All-you-can-eat dinner 

table order with Liaocheng “Dinner Sitting and All-You-Can-Eat Chinese Girls’ Plan” is an all-you-can-eat Chinese dish of 40 dishes for 3,700 yen per person. Please enjoy freshly prepared Chinese cuisine. 
Appetizers and desserts produced by female hoteleries are limited to girls’ association plans! 

* The price includes consumption tax. A 10% service charge will be added.

Click here for details on the Girls’ Plan

9:00 P.M.
15th anniversary cocktail

● Toast at Sky Tower Top of Prince’s “15th Anniversary Cocktail”! 

In April 2019, Sapporo Prince Hotel Tower celebrated its 15th anniversary. Original cocktails were prepared with gratitude for 15 years. 
Enjoy the night view of Sapporo, Japan’s three largest night view cities. 

Only for guests! There is also a great night cap plan (from 1 hour before closing) for ¥ 1,400 per person with mixed nuts in two drinks. 

* A table charge of ¥ 600 per person will be charged separately. 
* The price includes consumption tax. A 10% service charge will be added.

Click here for details on the 15th Anniversary of the Tower

10:00 P.M.
Hot spring outdoor bath


I am glad that the hot spring open-air bath will heal the fatigue of the trip and openuntil 12: 00MID. A small hot spring open-air bath exclusively for hotel guests. 
The sharp and modern bath has an atrium above the high ceiling.

Click here for details on the “Onsen Open-air Bath”

the 2nd day

7:00 A.M.
Hot spring outdoor bath

● It is a great deal to have a hot spring outdoor bath in the morning! 

Business hours 
4:00 P.M.~12:00MID. (Last reception 11:30 P.M.) 
5:00 A.M.~10:00A.M. (Last reception 9:30 A.M.)

8:30 A.M.
Breakfast buffet

● Buffet Restaurant Hapuna 

offers a breakfast buffet with an open ceiling to the 2nd floor where you can enjoy more than 60 items including Japanese food, Western food, and salads, mainly Hokkaido ingredients. 
We recommend menus that use “omelettes” cooked in front of the chefs and “soy foods” made from soybeans. 

Takeout coffee is also available, so please relax in your room until checkout.

Click here for details on “Breakfast Buffet”

11:00 A.M.
check out


How was your stay at Sapporo Prince Hotel? 
We look forward to seeing you again. Please be careful.