August 21 , 2019

“STAFF RECOMMEND vol.3” Planners talk about the wedding of Sapporo Prince Hotel

For a special day, the planner who was in charge of the project from the planning to the day under the supervision of the Chief Southern Manager will assist you. On the day of the event, everyone will be supported as a team. Of course, the smiles of the guests as well as the guests are the most delightful. From the left, Chief Tanami Manager, Planner Osafune, Akita and Sato are teaming up with outstanding teamwork.


Under the theme of “Story with you starting at the Sapporo Prince Hotel”, 
planners who will make full use of their thoughts 
will tell you the appeal of the wedding at the Sapporo Prince Hotel.

Planner Yuri Nagafuna
Create memories that will shine in your heart as well as your photos.
Planner Yuri Nagafuna

A tower 107 meters above the ground where you can see a completely different view of Sapporo, a city where rich nature and city coexist, every season and every day. With a privileged location and a slightly unusual columnar building, you can enjoy a 360-degree view. The wedding party with a sparkling night view, which was selected as one of Japan’s three largest night view cities, is also romantic. In addition, there are a lot of shining photo spots in the hall, and my favorite is the dynamic atrium from the 2nd floor walkway up to the 27th floor. I would like you to take a lot of photos that will bring back memories each time you see them.

Planner Akita Akatsu

Hospitality that leads to entertainment.

For example, a menu of memories from an early age, dishes made with ingredients from hometown, and original designed cakes. The enhancement of food hospitality is a unique attraction of Prince Hotel. The crepe suzette service, which is dramatic and popular for its flaming performance, has also become a test subject for national qualifications, and there are many professionals with various qualifications and skills. Entertainment hospitality will surely be an unforgettable memory. Please feel free to contact us for a wonderful presentation that will delight guests.

Planner Akita Akatsu

Planner Hitomi Sato

Close to the life story that will continue after the wedding.
Planner Hitomi Sato

For our hospitality, weddings and receptions are not the goal. In addition to staying after a wedding reception, you can deepen the honeymoon gifts and anniversaries that you have in your home and abroad, and the appreciation and connection you have chosen from a number of ceremonial halls for a long time. The good thing about the wedding of Prince Hotel. I’m very happy to be able to stay close to the story of the lives of both the family and the family, as the chapters of “The Story with You Beginning at Sapporo Prince Hotel”, which is our theme, are spelled out. It is our great pleasure.

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