July 2 , 2019

“Tropical Wind and Sea”

The floor has been refurbished to a contemporary and resort-like design with different interior coordination. We suggest you enjoy staying in a room with a different impression each time you visit. 

style rooms 1st and 2nd floor] Renovated July 2016 << 1st floor family room (non-smoking) renovation >> On the 
1st floor, a new outdoor terrace is set up, and a relaxing space as a tropical resort where you can relax with a day bed and chairs Will be provided. 
◇ Up to 4 people using futon in 2 single beds 110cm wide and 4.5 tatami mat space. 

≪2nd Floor Family Room (Non-smoking) Renewal≫ 
The Japanese and Western rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors create a modern Japanese atmosphere using Ryukyu tatami mats and a rattan table while keeping the popular rise (between tatami mats). 
◇ Up to 4 people using futon in 2 single beds of 97 cm width and 4.5 tatami mat space. 

[Top floor guest room 5th floor] Renovated July 2015 
<< 5th floor twin room A (non-smoking) renewal >> 
20th floor twin room A type 20 rooms. 
We will create a luxurious space with a high-quality and calm atmosphere inspired by a cruise ship floating in front of the sea. 
◇ Up to 4 people using 2 semi-double beds and 2 sofa beds. 

≪5th floor twin room C (non-smoking) renewal≫ 
5th floor twin room C type 6 rooms. 
In order to make the most of the “ocean view” in the rooms on the top floor, we offer a resort-like space where you can feel the beautiful nature that is the charm of Shimoda that matches the concept of “Tropical Wind and the Sea”. 
◇ Up to 3 people can be accommodated using 2 122cm wide double beds and 1 sofa bed. 

[Middle floor guest rooms 3rd and 4th floors] Renovated in July 2014 
<< 4th floor twin room B (non-smoking) renewal >> 
Another image of the tropical sea is the image of the shining sea dyed by the sun. A relaxing atmosphere for a relaxing holiday with a cheerful and casual atmosphere. 

≪Renewal of Twin Room B on the 3rd floor (non-smoking) ≫ 
A romantic space with a refreshing impression of a seaside resort, with a beautiful gradation of white sand and blue-green seas as the key colors. 

◇ With a maximum capacity of 3 to 4 people, we will provide more comfortable rooms for families and small groups. 
◇ Along with the smoking cessation of guest rooms, the use of “wallpaper for washing air” on the entire wall surface will improve comfort. 
◇ Air conditioning remote control that enables more detailed temperature adjustment has been introduced.

Shimoda Prince Hotel Manager