July 2 , 2019

Meteorite Galaxy Ropeway

Meteorite Galaxy Ropeway

Wish the night sky and starry sky of Soseki

Star of the sky, which spread to the dark night, the spectacular celestial spot. 
From the altitude of 730 m, where the light of the city is hard to reach, you will find an inspiring sight that you can not usually see. 
Milky Way shining in the sky, sometimes the night sky through which the shooting star, with the qualification of career-star sommelier of science teachers 
will enjoy the night sky full of stars while listening to the commentary easy to understand by the air guide’s specialty. 

[Summer sales] 
◆ Business schedule: April 13 (Sat)-October 5 (Sat), October 11 (Fri)-13 (Sun)-19 (Sat)-31 (Sat), 2019 ) 
◆ fee (tax included): adult ¥ 1,800 / elementary school students ¥ 1,000 ※ preschool child is free 
◆ operating hours:. uplink /①8:00P.M.②8:30P.M 
      down /①8:40P.M.②9:10P. M. 
◆ Starlight sky commentary 
      1st time by starry sky guide 8: 15 PM-8: 35PM The 
      second time 8: 45PM-9: 05PM 

※ Cancel the operation at the time of bad weather You will receive 
 (It will be decided to cancel on 5:00 P.M. Of the day.) 
※ Please go out after checking the operation status etc. beforehand. 
※ Because it will be a starry sky observation at an altitude of 730 m, please use it after taking measures against cold weather (such as winter clothing).