July 5 , 2019

About the installation of Prince Point inquiry exchange [Pripo Checker]

Dear SEIBU PRINCE CLUB members, I 

would like to thank you for your continued patronage. 

This time, Sunshine City Prince Hotel 
has installed a convenient Prince Point Inquiry Exchange Switch [Pripo Checker], which allows customers to carry out procedures such as point exchange. 
It can be exchanged for “Commodity Voucher” (for 500 yen) or “Replacement Voucher” that can be used immediately after ticketing. 
* Please see the following “Prince Point Exchange Product Lineup” for details of the exchange ticket. You can also 

inquire about Prince Point balance and history, and 
apply for exchange for Prince Point exchange products such as accommodation tickets and meal tickets . 

Customers who are not yet members are also welcome to consider joining at this opportunity. 
We look forward to your use. 

■ Place ■ 
Sunshine City Prince Hotel Lobby on the first floor 

■ Time ■ 
8:00 AM- 
11: 00 PM * From 6:00 PM to 11: 00 PM from Thursday, November 16, 2017 

■ Note ■ 
If you want to replace the product, you need to register your name, address (not overseas), zip code and phone number. 
Please note that if there are unregistered items, you can not replace them. 
※ The date of birth is also necessary to exchange alcohol products.