July 5 , 2019

Sunshine Floor Renewal Open!

The middle floor floor of Sunshine City Prince Hotel has been partially reopened. 

In this renovation, the design of the room expresses stylish and contemporary TOKYO, and the pattern of the carpet and the color of the wallpaper that imagined the colorful cityscape of Ikebukuro and Japanese traditional Japanese are adopted for each room type. You can experience the special feeling unique to the hotel, which is calm and warm, to the domestic guests who use the hotel, as well as to the foreigners. 

In addition, we remove closet of all guest rooms except corner room and introduce walled type hamber and change to compact furniture to unite to image of room and devise residential space by devising placement place etc. We are improving the convenience and comfort of our rooms. 
In this accommodation plan, you can enjoy the renewed “Sunshine floor” charm. 
(Photo: Renewal Sunshine Floor Twin Room A Type)