July 5 , 2019

Why not use the hotel wisely with SEIBU PRINCE CLUB

October 15, 2016 

■ From the Sunshine City Prince Hotel official website, feel free to contact at any time. Always at a discount. 
 We always show you the best rates. 

A variety of Prince Status services are available for those who join the Seibu Group membership card SEIBU PRINCE CLUB. The Best Rate Guarantee guarantees the lowest rate for guests booking directly at our hotel. You can use the same accommodation plan from the other company’s reservation site if you make a reservation from our hotel’s website. 

■ If you become a SEIBU PRINCE CLUB member, you can save even more on member special rates. 

In addition to member discount of various plans and products in Prince Hotel of the whole country, member limited plan is available. If you accumulate points further, you will be able to enjoy rich benefits such as accommodation, restaurant use, birthday monthly benefits and more. 

■ We can use exclusive check-in counter, and check-in loosely even when it is crowded. 

In October 2016, a check-in counter dedicated to the Prince Status Service & Panorama Floor was opened. Even in crowded places, you can check in smoothly without waiting. 

In addition, guests on the panoramic floors of the higher floors have their own elevator. Please spend a relaxing time on the renewed panoramic floor.

Let’s use the hotel wisely! Recommended plan is here


You can join SEIBU PRINCE CLUB on the Internet. We will guide you by the link below. We also accept an immediate issue at the hotel. Please contact us for details. 

◆ Members ◆ You can login to My Page at the link below.