March 11, 2019

Kimono rental and fitting service “TOKYO KOMACHI EXPERIENCE”

Kimono rental services are available exclusively for our hotel guests.
You can put on a kimono and take a stroll at Shiba Park, the Zojoji Temple or other places near the hotel.
You can also take photos with the Tokyo Tower in the background or visit famous cherry blossom viewing spots such as Ueno or Chidorigafuchi.
This is a perfect way to enjoy and immerse yourself in Japanese culture.

March 15th, 2019(Fri)~April 15th, 2019(Mon)

■Kimono rental services (fitting included) One time per customer *For women only
・A kimono expert will dress you up in your hotel room. A kimono expert and hotel staff will come to your room at your indicated preferred time.
・Please enjoy sightseeing in the city after the fitting.
<Kimono return>
・Please hang the kimono in the room closet after use.
If you are checking out on the following day
・・・ You may check out with the kimono still in the closet.
If you are checking out more than one day later
・・・Our cleaning staff will come to collect the kimono on the following day.

■Price (Include service and tax)
1 person    ¥5,000
2 persons  ¥8,000
3 persons  ¥12,000

Fitting services are available at the following times.
Please indicate your preferred time when you make your reservation.

■How to make a reservation of kimono rental and fitting service
We take reservations by email.
*Please contact us at least seven days (by 12:00NOON) beforehand.

Please tell our staff the following information.
①Reservation Name
②Dates of your stay
③Hotel name (The Prince Park Tower Tokyo or Tokyo Prince Hotel)
④Date and time of kimono dressing (10:00A.M.~4:30P.M.)
*Please choose a time during your stay.
⑤Number of guests using the service (One to three guests per reservation)
⑥Height of the person using the service
*Our kimonos are free-sized. They are designed for people under 170cm.
⑦Kimono type
*Please choose from the selection below.
*Kindly note that you may not choose A/I and B/H at the same time.

⇒Kimono Selection

■Please note that as below;

*If there are changes in the number of persons or time, please let us know at least 3 days beforehand (by 3:00P.M.).
*This kimono service is available for female guests only. Hairdressing is not included.
Please kindly note that male guests cannot use this service.
*Fitting will take about 30 minutes per person.
*We do not provide fitting services outside of the designated times.
*Please wait in your room on the date and time of your reservation.
Our staff members will come to your room at your indicated preferred time.
*The fitting appointment would be canceled if you are not in your room at the indicated time.
*As this is a special package, cancellations after reservation will incur cancellation charges as stipulated below.
One day before:50% / Appointed day:100%

Tokyo Prince Hotel

Kimono rental and fitting service “TOKYO KOMACHI EXPERIENCE”