July 2 , 2019

National Route 292 (Shibutsu-Manza-Kusatsu Section) Traffic Regulations

Restricted traffic section
■ Manza three-way (Tsukoi village)-Kusatsu Kyuseihara parking lot (Kusatsu-cho) 8.5 km No

night traffic
■ -October 14 17: 00-8 :00 the next day
■ October 15-November Until winter closing 16:30-8:00 the following day
■ Vehicles that can be passed Vehicles only (excluding bicycles, motorcycles, and open cars)
■ Parking is prohibited in the

Following conditions: Follow the etc.

・ Activation of volcanic activity

・Raising to level 3
・ Eruption
・ Bad weather (such as poor visibility) The area from Manza to Shiga Kogen is open all day.

Please contact the hotel for details.
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About cancellation of traffic restrictions on National Route 292 (Shiga Kusatsu Road)