November 20, 2015

Information regarding “Volcano, seismic activity around Hakone-machi”

Dear Guests

Prince Hotels, Inc.
Prince Grand Resorts Hakone

We are grateful for your kind support and trust in us.
As announced the Meteorological Agency has lowered the volcano alert level to 1.
Alert Level 1 indicates that normal activities can be pursued while maintaining “awareness that this is an active volcanic area” (Japan Meteorological Agency convention).
In addition, please note that although volcanic activity has subsided and the restricted range around the center of the assumed crater is no longer being enforced, restrictions on entry into the site are still in effect.
All the facilitis of “The Prince Grand Resort Hakone” including hotels, golf courses and parks continue to operate as normal, and we welcome you to make use of these facilities.
We will update our websites for the latest information in this regard.
We apologize for causing you any concern and we look forward to receive your continued patronage.

For details please refer to the website below.
Hakone-machi Website: