May 14, 2015

Notification : About restricted area around Oowakudani

Thank you for your kind support as always.
As per the broadcast from the Japan Meteorological Agency, a warning around crater has been issued for Owakudani area in peripheral radius 300m, and thus Hakone-machi has restricted entry to this area.
We are sorry to inform that as a result the Hakone Ropeway, traffic roadways and natural trails, and some portions of hiking courses passing through Owakudani area have been closed down.
Each establishment of our “Prince Grand Resort Hakone” including Hotels and the golf courses will continue to operate as usual as we are 2km away at least from the crater.
We welcome everyone at our new attractions and dolphin shows in aquarium in Haokone-en at lakeside of Ashinoko Lake from May onwards.
Further, most of the major public roads leading to our facilities continue to operate in the usual manner.
With regards to the future information, we will update it on our websites as and when appropriate.
We apologize for the worry caused to everyone, but we continue to look forward to your patronage hereafter as well.

Please check Hakone-machi Website for further information.
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