July 25 , 2019

Information on rental yukata

Rental Yukata

“Rental Yukata” service (charged) has been launched at Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima. Yukata robes and chafe, which are available at the hotel, are rented to guests. Please take this opportunity to wear a yukata and enjoy the hotel stay.


Rental Yukata

Unisex yukata

Rental Yukata

We also offer for women and men. (image)

※ Unisex yukata only LL size also available. (Other one size only)

Chaba-ori, sandals

Rental Yukata

Chabaori (One size only)

Rental Yukata

Footwear (One size only)

Charge, contents

SEIBU PRINCE CLUB memberOne person ¥ 600
GeneralOne person ¥ 800
ContentsYukata + Chaha weave + Footwear ※ Chaha weave and footwear can not be selected.
If you wish to rent a yukata please call “Prince one” from the phone in your room. We carry out charge sale of drawstring, tabi bag in 1F convenience shop.


TEL: 082-256-1111 (representative)

※ Price includes consumption tax. 
※ Number is limited. Please note. 
※ It becomes rental only. 
※ It is limited to hotel guests.