Guests bringing children

At what age do child rates apply?
There is no charge for children under 5 years of age who share a bed with you.
For room rate packages, children 6 of age and older pay the same rate as adults.
When making a booking for a room rate package, enter the total number of adults and children, excluding children sharing a bed with you, as the total number of Adults, and enter the number of children sharing a bed with you in the Children section.

Do you have cribs?
Cribs are available, but quantities are limited. Note that cribs are not available for children who are able to stand on their own (even while supported by an object).

Do you have any amenities for children?
We provide children’s size yukata robes, slippers, toothbrushes, and hand towels.

Do you have a children’s menu?
Children’s menus are available in some of our restaurants.

Do you have a daycare center?
We apologize, but we do not have a daycare center on premises.

Is there a nursing room?
Yes, there is one in the East Main Wing Lobby.

Can children join us in the Hot Springs?
We do not allow children in diapers to bathe in the Hot Springs.


Do you have rooms where pets are allowed to stay?
We have 25 Dog Cottages and 3 Cat Cottages.

Are there any restaurants that are pet-friendly?
Helper dogs are permitted in all hotels and restaurants.
Non-helper dogs are permitted on the [ Restaurant Porto ] terrace during Operating hours. (Applies to dogs only)
Note that the terrace may not be available depending on the season and other conditions.

If I bring my pet with me, is there anything I need to prepare? Is there anything that the hotel can provide?
Please bring your own leash and pet food.


Can I bring my helper dog?
Helper dogs are welcome in the Lobby, Twin Rooms, and Cottages.

Is the Hotel wheelchair accessible?
Yes, it is. We also provide transportation to and from the Cottages for wheelchair users.

Do you have loaner wheelchairs available?
Yes, wheelchairs are available at the Lobby service counter. Please note that quantities are limited.

Do you have accessible restrooms?
Yes, they are located on the first floor.


When making a booking, can I request a floor and room orientation?
Yes, we accept these kinds of requests. However, we may be unable to meet your request depending on current occupancy.

Can I make a same-day booking?
Bookings can be made at the Hotel Front Desk, subject to room availability on that day.

Are non-smoking rooms available?
All Twin Rooms at Hotel East are non-smoking, so we ask that you use the dedicated smoking areas within the Hotel if you wish to smoke.
Note that some Cottages have non-smoking rooms.

Can I use Wi-Fi in my room?
Wi-Fi is available in Twin Rooms in the main building and in Cottages.

Can I exchange foreign currency?
We apologize, but the Hotel East does not support foreign currencies at this time.
There is an automatic foreign currency exchange machine (SMART EXCHANGE) in the Hotel West Lobby.

Can we stay as a party of 3 (4) in one room?
Twin Rooms are available for up to 3 or 4 people. (Note that this entails use of sofa beds)
In addition, the East Cottage can accommodate up to 4 people.

Can I borrow a CD player, DVD player, or other equipment?
DVD players are available free of charge. (Note that quantities are limited and reservation is required)

Do you offer room service?
Only the Dog Cottage and Cat Cottage offer room service.

What time can I check in? Can I check in late?
Check-in is available starting at 3:00 PM.
If you plan to check in after 10:00 PM, please let us know in advance.

Can I ask you to hold my luggage before checking in?
Yes, we can hold your luggage. We hold luggage at the Cloakroom.

Can I send my luggage by courier in advance?
Yes, you can.
Please send luggage to the following address.
Karuizawa Prince Hotel East
Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun Nagano, 389-0193 Japan

1) Please enter the name of the Hotel/building where you will be staying.
2) Please enter your name. Please also enter dates of your stay in the remarks field.
Please inquire with the shipping company for details on the number of days it will take to arrive. When picking up your luggage, please present the shipping receipt that was provided to you.

Can I extend my check-out time? Until what time can I extend it?
Check-out time can be extended for a fee, depending on the availability and vacancies on your scheduled day of check-out. Please inquire at the Hotel Front Desk the day before your departure date.
Stays can be extended up to 3:00 PM.

Is there a laundromat available?
Yes, there is one at Hotel West.


Do you have a banquet hall?
We have a variety of venues of different sizes within Hotel West.

Do you have a venue for wedding receptions?
Our banquet halls can be used for wedding receptions.
For inquiries regarding weddings, please contact Forestana Karuizawa.

Hot springs

Can I use the Hot Springs only without checking in? How much does it cost?
The FOREST HOT-SPRING (East Hot Springs Facility) is for staying guests only.
Guests staying in the East Main Building may use it free of charge from check-in to check-out.
Guests staying at East Cottage will be charged ¥2,000 per use for adults and ¥1,850 per use for children (3-11 years old) per visit.
This is not available to guests staying in West Main Building or West Cottage.

Do you provide towels?
For guests staying in the East Main Building, towels are available in the elevator landing of the building where the hot springs are located.

Are there any rules regarding use by children?
Children wearing diapers are not permitted in the Hot Springs.
Use of the women’s bath by boys and use of the men’s bath by girls is permitted only up to eight years of age.


What kind of shops are available?
Hotel shops are located within the East Main Building and the East Cottage reception area.
[Operating hours]
Souvenir shop in the Hotel East Main Building
8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Shop in the Hotel East Cottage Receptiom
7:00 AM to 9:00 PM
*There is also The FARM FamilyMart convenience store in the Hotel West.


Do you have private seating? How many people can be accommodated?
The All Day Dining Karuizawa Grill has one 10-seat room.
Sukiyaki Shabu-shabu Teppanyaki Breeze(SOFU) has two 8-seat rooms that can be combined to accommodate up to 16 people.

Can children use the restaurants?
Yes, children are permitted in our restaurants.

Do you have a children’s menu?
Children’s menus are available at some of our restaurants.

Can I enter with ski shoes?
Only Hotel East [ Restaurant Porto ] is accessible with ski shoes.

Are there any restaurants that I can use with my pet?
Pets are only allowed on terrace seating when [ Restaurant Porto ] is open.
*However, use by helper dogs and equivalent is permitted.

Guest Rooms

Do guest rooms have kitchens?
The Cottages have kitchens, but cooking is not permitted due to a strict fire policy.

Do rooms contain refrigerators?
Yes, they do.
Note that refrigerators do not contain a freezer or icebox.

Do you have hair dryers?
Yes, hair dryers are always available.
We also accept requests for additional hair dryers.

Are there microwaves?
There are no microwaves within the facility or cottages.

Do you have pajamas?
We provide nightwear for those in Twin Rooms and yukata robes for those in the Cottages.

Can I use Wi-Fi in my room?
Wi-Fi is available in all rooms in Hotel East.
You will find the Wi-Fi password by accessing the Hotel guide via channel 3 on your television.

Parking Lot

Is there a fee for parking?Staying guests are charged 1,000 JPY per vehicle per night (parking is available until 10:00 PM on the day of departure).
Guests must bring their parking ticket to the Front Desk upon check-in.
The Front Desk will issue you a pass that can be used as many times as you wish during your stay (until 10:00 PM on the day of departure).


What would proper seasonal attire be?
Spring (March, April, May): Average temperatures in Karuizawa in spring are about 1.2°C in March, 6.4°C in April, and 12.4°C in May. Warm clothing is needed even in spring, as there may be lingering snowfall until April.
Summer (June, July, August): Average temperatures in Karuizawa in summer are about 16.3°C in June, 20.6°C in July, and 21.3°C in August. Even on hot days, it can reach below 20 degrees Celsius at night. Don’t forget to bring a light jacket.
Autumn (September, October, November): Average temperatures in Karuizawa in autumn are about 16.9°C in September, 10.8°C in October, and 5°C in November. The temperature difference between day and night is about 10°C, so even if you can wear long sleeves during the day, you will need a coat at night.
Winter (December, January, February): Average temperatures in Karuizawa in winter are about -0.8°C in December, -3.9°C in January, and -2.8°C in February. The lowest temperatures can reach nearly -10°C, so a heavy coat is needed to protect against the cold.