June 27 , 2019

Guest Service Center Smile Concierge

Guest Service Center Smile Concierge

Karuizawa Prince Hotel Guest Service Center Smile Concierge located at the south exit of Karuizawa Station. 
A variety of services are available for guests of East Cottage A type. 
We will help you to make your stay more comfortable. 
Please feel free to drop in when you arrive between shopping and in Karuizawa. 
You can store your luggage between meals and use our luggage delivery service to the hotel. 
Period: All year (except closing period of Karuizawa Prince Hotel, The Prince Karuizawa, The Prince Villa Karuizawa) 
Business hours: Follow the business hours of Karuizawa / Prince Shopping Plaza 
※ Business hours vary depending on the season, so Please check the link destination of

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza


1. Luggage Delivery Service (Service Center Accommodation Front) 
2. Delivery service for your luggage to your room 
3. Delivery service for luggage purchased at Prince Shopping Plaza 
4. Temporary storage of luggage


1. Karuizawa Prince shopping plaza “Product exchange ticket” ticket delivery of accommodation plan 
2. Pre-acceptance (signing check-in registration form)


1. Delivery service for home delivery 
2. Reservation reception for hotel golf course 
3. Tourist information and suggestions in Karuizawa Town 
4. Guest House Wedding Forestera Karuizawa Information (Facility Description) 
5. Wi-Fi fully equipped (available free of charge)

<Caution> The 
above service is for East Cottage A type guests. Please note that 
the above service is not available for East Twin Room and East Cottage B type guests . Partial service is available for SEIBU PRINCE CLUB (Platinum & Gold Status members only) guests staying at East Twin Room and East Cottage B type. 

Guest Service Center The luggage delivery 
service at the front desk of each building will be delivered on time.

Guest Service Center Smile Concierge Service Available Customers

All services available
Karuizawa Prince Hotel East Cottage A type accommodation of customers 
, The Prince Villa Karuizawa accommodation of customers 
, The Prince Karuizawa accommodation of customers 

Some services available customers
・ Customers of SEIBU PRINCE CLUB members (Platinum · Gold status members only) 
※ The transfer of luggage is to the front desk of the hotel, and delivery service to the room is not available. 

Customers who can use only 5 services of “convenient”
・ Customers staying at Karuizawa Prince Hotel West Twin Room / West Cottage All Types 
・Guests staying at Karuizawa Prince Hotel East Twin Room / East Cottage B Type Customers 
・ Guests at the Karuizawa Asama Prince Hotel

Smile Concierge All Services Facilities

The Prince Villa Karuizawa

The ・ Prince Karuizawa

Karuizawa Prince Hotel East Cottage A Type