Hot Spring Brisa Marina

A multifunctional bathing facility equipped with an open-air bath at the forefront; as well as private baths, relaxation rooms, and more.
Specially designed to have a view that lets you take in the comforting ocean breeze from the surrounding beautiful seascape and vast natural scenery.

|Facility Guide

Indoor baths, open-air baths, sauna etc.

|Water Quality

Calcium · Sodium · Sulfate · Chloride Hot Spring (Hypotonicity / weak alkalinity / high-temperature spring)

|Good for

Neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, recovery from fatigue etc.

|Business Hours

10 minutes before sunrise-11:00A.M. (Last admission is at 10:30A.M.)
1:00P.M.-12:00MID. (Last admission is at 11:30P.M.)
*If the Sunrise is later than 6:10A.M.  it will be open by 6:00A.M.


* Brisa Marina is only available for staying guests.
* When proceeding to the facility please use the accessway on 2F.
* An additional bathing tax of ¥150 will be charged 1 per person per day. (Children under 6 are exempt)
* Guest are tattooed, child under 3 years old or are using diapers can not use onsen.
* The loungewear and slippers provided in the guest rooms can be worn both in the rooms and around Brisa Marina. (Please refrain from wearing these in the Reception area, Lobby, and Restaurants.)

Hot Spring Brisa Marina
Hot Spring Brisa Marina
Hot Spring Brisa Marina