Swimming Pool

Swimming pool is open during the summer season. 
The water from the Amagi-Mountain, 12 km away from Kawana, is cool and soothing.

|Opening Period

We are closed for this season.

|Opening Hours

9:30A.M. ~ 4:30P.M.


Registered guest only: free


* Please inform staff at pool counter on the day. (Reservation is no required.)

Whole day (9:30A.M.~)Afternoon (1:00P.M.~)
Table & chair (for 2)¥3,000¥2,000
Table & chair (for 4)¥4,000¥2,000
Kawana hills summer bed (for 2)¥5,000¥2,000
Free area


* People with tattoos will not be allowed access to the pool.
* We do not allow small children to swim alone. A guardian must be present during use of the pool.
* Please refrain from bringing and using your own sheets, mats, tents, etc.
* Please refrain from bringing foods or drinks.
* For safety reasons we do not allow you to bring the following with you:
 Lighters/matches, dangerous items, glassware, parasols, tents, snorkels, fins, diving masks, etc.

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool