March 1 , 2023

Free shuttle bus information

 Ito Station → Kawana Hotel  Kawana Hotel → Ito Station 
11:00 A.M.10:15 A.M.
1:00 P.M.12:30 P.M.
3:10 P.M.2:30 P.M.
3:50 P.M.

* Required time: about 30 minutes.
* Buses will be dispatched roughly 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
* Please refrain from loud conversations and similar actions so as not to disturb other passengers.
* Please contact us as soon as possible once you have finalized your plans, as we may not be able to accommodate you if a bus is fully booked.
* Please arrive with time to spare as buses will depart on time.
* Please be informed that buses will depart on time even in the event of train delays.

Bus boarding location information

For inquiries…

Please contact Kawana Hotel Reservation Section TEL: +81-(0)557-45-1111.