Fitness Room

Recognizing the increasing focus on wellness, we collaborated with “Sports Club NAS,” a leading sports club, as our consultant and supervisor to deliver a space that offers high-quality comfort in functionality, layout, and design.
At the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, we’re committed to enhancing your regular fitness routine to a luxurious, premium experience.

Location: Main Tower 4th floor

Opening Hours: Available 24 hours

Who can use: All Shinagawa Prince Hotel guests (exclusive to staying guests)

Entry: Access with your room key card

*Available for use throughout your stay.
*Must be 18 years or older to access.
*A room key card is required for entry.
*Please refrain from consuming food inside the fitness room.
*Food and beverage sales are not available within the fitness room.
*You may bring in beverages in sealed containers such as water bottles or thermoses.
*Please be aware that the fitness room is unstaffed.
*Images are for illustrative purposes only.

Fitness Room
Fitness Room
Fitness Room
Fitness Room
Fitness Room

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[Free weight area]
Equipped with two Smith machines for stable and effective squat training.
Various dumbbells are available, allowing you to choose the right weight for your workout.

[Weight stack area]
Choose the best machine for your workout needs.
Complements the training in the free weight area for broad-ranging effects.

[Lounge Area]
Furnished with armchairs, lobby chairs, and side tables.
Available for use before and after workouts or during intervals.

[Cardio Area]
Features treadmills, cross-trainers, and bikes to enhance cardiovascular fitness, accessible and effective for everyone.

[Stretching Area]
Ideal for stretching and yoga.
Equipped with stretching mats and poles to facilitate your routine.